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Here’s What Netflix’s Big Video Game Push Looks Like One Year Later

In its second year of video game development, Netflix has pulled the curtain on the future of gaming services.

At a recent press event, Netflix talked about some of its video game plans for 2023 and beyond. The company said it has 70 games in development with external partners, in addition to 16 games being developed by Netflix’s in-house studios. and said it will launch a new game on the service at least every month. There are currently 55 games on Netflix’s gaming platform.

However, the company didn’t say much when it came to actually showing some of the games in development for Netflix. Netflix has announced that Monument Valley 1 and 2 (his 2014 and 2017 isometric mobile puzzle games respectively) will be coming to Netflix in his 2024.

Additionally, Netflix has revealed that a new Too Hot to Handle game will be coming later this year, along with a new season of the reality dating show. Additionally, Netflix has teased the next game in his previously announced three-game deal with Ubisoft. It’s called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace and is the roguelite follow-up to Ubisoft’s PC and mobile his game The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, which combines castle building and dungeon crawling. Rogue Palace is coming to Netflix on his April 18th.

Finally, the studio has revealed that Vainglory and Catalyst Black developer Super Evil Megacorp are working on an exclusive game based on an unannounced Netflix IP. The studio plans to share more about this release later this year.

Netflix ‘very pleased with progress so far’

Netflix also declined to provide specific figures on how its gaming service is performing among Netflix subscribers. When asked for more details, Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s vice president of external games, said the company was “very pleased with the progress so far” in terms of user growth, adding that games like Too Hot to Handle added that it is seeing more players over time.

Netflix’s gaming initiative has not been embraced by the majority of Netflix users. last August, Less than 1% of Netflix subscribers I was regularly interacting with the games on the service. However, the company hopes to entice users to play games on their mobile devices by offering microtransaction-free games, recognizable franchises, and games related to Netflix shows. says. on Netflix Previously announced tie-in game The Queen’s Gambit, Shadow and Bone, etc.

In 2022, Netflix said it aims to provide its customers with a “best in class” gaming service. The streaming giant will begin rolling out the game in November 2021. Netflix subscribers have access to a catalog of available games at no additional charge.

Logan Plant is a freelance writer for IGN covering video game and entertainment news. He has over 6 years of experience in the games industry and has bylines for IGN, Nintendo Wire, Switch Player Magazine and Lifewire. Find him on Twitter @LoganJPlant.

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