HEX founder Richard Heart teases coming PulseChain launch

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Richard Hart A screenshot of PulseChain was posted on Twitter to tease, adding:this is [sic] We are working on a private v3 testnet

The word PulseChain penetrated first July 2021in an accompanying press release, openly acknowledged its intention to fork the Ethereum code and add “substantial enhancements,” including cheaper gas rates and faster block times, at 3 seconds versus Ethereum’s 13 seconds. I’m here.

“PulseChain is a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem that greatly enhances the traditional Ethereum platform.”

The project is backed by developer Everything Blockchain, with participation from VC Overwatch Partners.

pulse chain

PulseChain’s intention is to build a better version of Ethereum, but with significant changes to the PRC20 standard and Pulse (PLS) tokens, allowing validators to stake and earn yield.

at the same time, pulse chain We are not going to challenge ETH directly. Instead, it “increases the value of Ethereum” by “sharing the load” with the original chain.

PulseChain not only took the source code of Ethereum, but also copied the state of the blockchain. This means that ETH users have duplicate assets held on PulseChain. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the portfolio balance will double.

“PulseChain re-enables a use case where prices have skyrocketed. Instead of launching empty, PulseChain will bring the state of the ETH system and the ERC20. You will be rewarded.”

Additionally, the project will launch the PulseX Decentralized Exchange (DEX), allowing token swaps from other blockchains. Similarly, PulseX has its own native token, PLSX.

pulse chain website Currently, it states that the version 2 testnet is live “with validator rotation, registration and staking.” As a public testnet, interested individuals can try out the protocol using Testnet PLS Tokens (tPLS).

scam rumors

Given PulseChain’s association with Heart, some automatically consider the project a scam.For example, Twitter users @IpsDeFiwho claims to be the community manager of tracking platform TapTools, recently said:

Pulsechain is just an evm fork lol. Massive scam to lock tokens.

Similarly, in November 2022, Researcher Eric Wall I shared an SEC letter addressed to HEX, PulseChain and PulseX influencers mention ongoing investigations. The letter was accompanied by a subpoena requesting the recipient to produce certain documents.

PulseChain’s website had a disclaimer covering multiple points, including airdrops, political statements, and taxation. There was also a reference to the Howey test used to determine US security status.

“Do not expect profit from the work of others.”

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