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High on Life Includes 4 Full-Length Movies, and New Justin Roiland Animated Shorts

High on Life, a new shooter from Squanch Games, has a little secret. His in-game TV includes over 20 of his animated shorts by Justin Roiland and his friends, not to mention four fully licensed feature films.

While actually playing the game at Gamescom, I stumbled across the TV and quickly realized it was running some serious commercial parodies voiced by Royland himself. Executive producer He asked Matty Studivan how much there was to see, and he didn’t expect the answer he got.

“So we did something pretty weird. We have a TV in the living room in the game that you can sit and watch. You know, Justin wanted to go back to interdimensional cable. Rick “And Morty’s popular work, so we tried to emulate it and made a lot of short animations.”

Over 20 shorts have been created by many animators. But its length makes it look pale in comparison to the others included on the TV.

“We also licensed four feature films that can be viewed in-game,” continues Studivan. “[Justin is] He is a big fan of Red Letter Media and Mystery Science Theater 3000. No one was doing it, so I thought, ‘Let’s figure out a way to get a movie license!

The movie is what Studyvan describes as a ‘Z grade’ and is the only one we know more about Tammy and T-Rex, a 1994 science fiction comedy starring Denise Richards and Paul Walker. During the course of the game, the movies shown on TV change. That means you can stop hunting down vicious aliens and watch the flick every now and then.

So if that That wasn’t enough, and the team leaned further into MST3K’s inspiration by including commentators. From intros and outros to commercials,” concludes the study van.

You’ll get to see all of this in action when the game arrives a little later, on December 13th. did.

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