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Hinged, Dual-Screen Display Coming Soon with Touch Option

Mobile Pixels Inc is a company that likes to offer its customers multiple screen options.I have created a wide range of works (opens in new tab) Add one, two, or more screens to provide extended and additional screen offerings for laptop users to improve the productivity of mobile workers.

We are now focused on desktop innovation with the Geminos display family. Geminos and Geminos X. These are large clamshell foldable displays that are fixed on adjustable pedestal stands with built-in hubs. Product designers claim that using the Gemino “saves space on your neck and desk,” and its adjustments and articulation make it perfect for all kinds of productivity tasks.

(Image credit: Mobile Pixels Inc)

The Geminos Stack Screen Kickstarter project was a huge success on the crowdfunding platform and was fully funded in just 36 minutes. This weekend, the Geminos developers announced their crowdfunding stretch goals. project We started with a goal of $25,000 and have now raised over $1.6 million in about half of our campaigns. Once the project reaches his $1.75 million (18 days to go), the buyer will add her QHD screen-equipped Geminos-X model with the option of a 10-point touchscreen (additionally he will spend $50 ) can be obtained.

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