‘Hodlonaut’ declares victory against Craig Wright in Norwegian defamation case


The “Hodlonaut,” also known as Magnus Granath, took to Twitter to declare victory in a defamation lawsuit against self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright.

6 days trial period expired September 20but due to the embargo, the results were not disclosed until October 20.

Jameson Ropp Tweeting his thoughts on the matter, he said the evidence presented was factual enough to state that Light lied in an attempt to prove he was Satoshi Nakamoto.

Granat is lawsuit As a preemptive strike against Light, A declaratory judgment that the tweets he posted were lawful and were made under free speech and that Wright was not liable to pay damages.

Wright claimed Granert’s social media posts were defamatory and damaged his reputation. A court hearing to answer this is due in London in late 2023, according to Wright’s legal team.

However, the outcome of the Norweghan trial will be considered at a hearing in London.

Members of the Bitcoin community are congratulating Granert on social media.

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