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How PlayStation Studios Malaysia is Playing a Growing Role in Sony’s Most Important Franchises

Established in 2020, PlayStation Studios Malaysia is Sony’s latest first-party PlayStation studio built from the ground up.Until recently, little was known about the projects this studio was working on, but now we know the answer. all.

At a panel at Level Up KL in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, head of PlayStation Studios Malaysia, and Neil Ingram, head of PlayStation’s San Diego-based Visual Arts team, announced that Sony’s newest in-house startup studio I explained how I was involved in the development of first-party games. He has also had roles in many other first his party titles, like The Last of Us Part I and MLB The Show 2022.

From left: Neil Ingram, Senior Director of PlayStation Studio Visual Arts, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Head of PlayStation Studio Malaysia. | | Photo credit: Daniel Robson

The new Malaysia Studio was established in Kuala Lumpur as a supporting studio, working closely with San Diego-based PlayStation’s creative arts team, and more specifically with the visual arts team within. The studio has his 77 employees working on creating character models and other visual his assets, motion his captures, and more.

“So far, it’s been a very small contribution. When we started, the team was very small. A lot of what we do is asset development for games, especially MLB. In Aspert I, we had something called Death Tips, which were hints that told the player what to do in certain situations, and the[Sony’s]animation team was supposed to be working on them, but It took a lot of work, it’s done, so that came to us, but now that we have a full-fledged art team, we can do environment modeling and concept art. We also have a great animation team working on some games we can’t speak to.”

Now that we have a full-fledged art team, we can do environment modeling and concept art. We also have a great animation team working on some games we can’t talk about right now.

The San Diego Visual Arts team has also been involved with other Sony projects, including assisting with CG animation technology for all first-party games coming out of PlayStation and Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series. Ingram said his team “always has him working on 15-25 games.”

Adding a new Malaysian studio to the equation will give Sony control over what it calls a ‘global production’. With this, each game is made with the help of hands from all over the world. As Ingram says, “He’s one planet that makes games.”

“You’re pitching these great experiences to the global market, so you have to make them for the global market,” Ingram continued.

He said the VFX and mobile phone industries in particular are leading the way in this thinking, while the gaming industry is lagging behind.

Malaysia is booming as a gaming hub

Elsewhere at Level Up KL, PlayStation’s Malaysian studio gave a talk on motion capture, detailing the process in that area.

Over the past decade or so, Malaysia has become a leading location for video game development support. Studios such as Lemon Sky Studios, Passion Republic and Streamline Studios have amassed an impressive technical know-how working with major Western and Japanese studios on series from Street Fighter to Final Fantasy, Destiny and Dark Souls. rice field.

With a rapidly growing talent pool, Kuala Lumpur is a city with a rich mix of nationalities and cultures, a low cost and a high standard of living. In addition to PlayStation, Bandai Namco, Codemasters and Larian Studios are among him among the foreign developers who have launched studios in Malaysia in the past few years.

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