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How to Check What Motherboard You Have

Whether you’re building a PC or upgrading it, the motherboard is the fundamental part that determines what changes you can make later.If a component is incompatible with the motherboard (even if it best motherboard), which will not work on your PC.

Your motherboard determines the amount and type of RAM you can use, the type of storage (how many M.2 SSD slots are there?), the number of PCIe-based accessories you can connect, and the RGB ecosystem you can use. Also what CPU upgrades can be done. We also recommend downloading the latest driver or firmware update if you run into issues, but for that you’ll need to identify the model of motherboard you’re using.

probably you assembled your pc It was a long time ago and I don’t remember which motherboard I used. You may obtain a PC from someone else, or you may purchase it from a store or specialty store. If you need to check your motherboard specs or how he upgraded his PC, there are a few easy ways to check your motherboard.

Method 1: Check the system information for your motherboard model

The easiest way to view your motherboard model while the PC is on is to Start Menu > Windows Tools > System Informationor type “system information” in the search bar to view the apps.

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you should be able to see it when you open it “baseboard maker” When “baseboard products” Each shows the name of the manufacturer and motherboard. In the image above, it is Asus Prime X370 Pro.

Other items such as “baseboard version” may be displayed, but the system information may not always be displayed correctly. In fact, it may not even recognize your motherboard. If you don’t know, you need to take more approaches.

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