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How to Check Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate

your monitor refresh rate — how often your screen can display an image per second — is a key factor in whether software (especially video games) will load smoothly on your screen. The number is measured in Hz. 60 Hz means 60 times per second. Modern displays often hit 60 Hz to 500 Hz, part of which is HDMI or DisplayPort Cables can support these speeds.

If you’re looking for your screen refresh rate, you can easily find it in Windows. On some computers you can also use Nvidia’s software (assuming you have an Nvidia GPU).

Knowing your monitor’s refresh rate gives you a target you might hit when measuring your game’s FPS (frames per second). Or if you want to change it (such as lowering it to increase battery life on your laptop), you should know where to look.

Here’s how to check your monitor’s refresh rate:

Check your monitor refresh rate in Windows 10 or 11

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