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How to Disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 11

Microsoft Defender is an important security tool that comes pre-installed with Windows 11 operating system. Security suites are built right into the operating system to protect your system from malware, but not everyone likes them. Would you like to install an alternative antivirus/antispyware to push Microsoft Defender to the curb? You have two options. Temporarily disable the real-time scanning component of your security suite, or disable the entire suite long-term in favor of competing apps.

Temporarily disable Microsoft Defender real-time antivirus protection

If you want a relatively easy way to disable Microsoft Defender’s real-time scanning engine, follow these steps:

1.[スタート]click the menu search for Windows security app.

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2. In the Windows Security app, open [ウイルスと脅威の防止]Click.

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3. Selection Manage your settings Under Virus & Threat & Protection settings.

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4. You will see a button for real-time protection. erase.

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5. When you turn off real-time protection, you will see a red X and a warning message that your computer is vulnerable to attack.

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Remember, this only temporarily disables your real-time antivirus protection. Microsoft warns that potentially harmful apps and files downloaded from the internet will not be scanned if real-time protection is disabled. However, scans already scheduled for the system will continue to run.

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