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How to Find Every Lightroot Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

One of the biggest surprises in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears was an entirely new area of ​​the map. Not only can you explore the skies above Hyrule, but you can also dive deep underground and traverse equally vast areas.

Similar to the shrines found throughout Hyrule above, The Depths has a series of fast travel points that can be activated in the dark called Lightroots. All light routes are directly below the upper shrinethat is, you can find them based on the location of the shrine, or vice versa.

How many light routes are there?

I have Total 120 light routes Located in the depths, it is directly related to all 120 temples on the surface of Hyrule. Not only are all the light routes directly below the shrine, but the names of each are actually the same as the names of the shrines above, but reversed.

How to find all Lightroute locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Light Routes are located directly below shrines throughout Hyrule, so the easiest way to pinpoint their location is to mark the shrine points on the map above and head to the shrines below. Alternatively, if you find a light loot under an undiscovered shrine in The Depths, you can do the same to find the shrine quest above. See our guide to the locations of all the shrines in Tears of the Kingdom to find the ones you’ve been missing.

Use the interactive Tears of Kingdom map

light route location map

If you haven’t found all the shrines on the surface of Hyrule yet, you can also use the interactive Tears of the Kingdom map to guide you through them all. Whether you’re trying to find where to go in The Depths, or wanting to find all the shrines on the surface and in the sky, our map with all the locations of Light Route has you covered.

You can also find various armor locations and points of interest that we have already found. A map makes it easy to find everything in Tears of the Kingdom.

Looking for help with the game? Check out the Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for quest information and guides.

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