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How to Get More Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom

Along with hearts and stamina, one of the most valuable resources in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears is battery life. It doesn’t mean playing too much and the Nintendo Switch’s battery runs out.

Link’s Zonai Battery outside Shrine powers all the machines, but the power equivalent of the one battery he has at the start of the game turns out to be barely enough to keep him going. You’ll know right away. And while the Zonai constructs explain how to increase your battery early on, the multitude of terms (Crystalized Charge! Zonite! What?) thrown around too early can seem overwhelming. – Not to mention how annoying it was to go back to Great Sky Island to get more batteries. Once you’ve got it all figured out, get upgrade materials.

Luckily, there is a way to make this much easier. The ToTK guide for Tears of the Kingdom has battery upgrades (aka Energy Cell upgrades), but if you want simple guidance on how to get more batteries in Tears of the Kingdom, here Here’s a short version:

Collect zonite from the depths

Whenever you’re below the surface, you’ll occasionally find deposits of turquoise glowing ore (not to be confused with glowing luminous stones). This is Zonite. You should mine as much as you can. It takes 3 Zonites to get a single Crystallized Charge, and 300 to upgrade a battery by a third. Plenty of zonites! There are other ways to get Zonite, such as killing certain enemies, but this is the most common way.

Converts Zonite to Crystallization Charge

After completing one of the Local Phenomenon quests, Josha will give you another quest to send to the depths. Do this as soon as possible, as this will eventually lead to a smithy where you can exchange Zonite for a crystallized charge. By this point, you’ll need to return to the Great Sky Island and trade the structures you meet there. There are other ways to collect crystallization charges, but this is the most common method.

Trade crystallized charges outside the observatory

With Crystalized Charges in hand, head north from Lookout Landing and look for a large piece of Sky Ialdn lying just outside the gate. On top of that is the Zonai Construct that forges 100 Crystallized Charges into Energy Cell upgrades. Collect a total of 21 upgrades to get 8 full batteries. So you need 2,100 Crystallization Charges… or 6,300 Zonite. Get Mining!

For a complete overview of how to upgrade your battery in Tears of the Kingdom, check out our detailed guide on the subject. And for all your Tears of the Kingdom help, check out our Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough on how to get through Hyrule. In fact, you can start here.

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