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How To Make a Raspberry Pi Pico W Resistor Clock

resistor color code An integral part of maker education. The color code system has been in continuous use since the 1930s and was introduced by the Radio Manufacturers Association as a compact way to mark numbers on small components. Although the code only contains 10 colors, it can be difficult to remember the color values ​​unless you use them every day.

This project will help you tell the time using a resistance cord every day. Raspberry Pi Pico W Connect to a NTP (Network Time Protocol) server for the current time over Wi-Fi. Once this is done, the Pico W uses a WS2812B Neopixel strip to display the current time in the color of the register code. Seeing your code running every day will help you decode resistance values ​​faster right in your sleep!

For this project you will need

Connecting the NeoPixel strip

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