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How to Run ChatGPT on Raspberry Pi or PC

Don’t miss the frenetic excitement surrounding ChatGPT (Chat Generative-Pre-Trained Transformer). We create images, write chords, songs and poems, and try to solve our problems, big and small. It may not beat Star Trek’s Kobayashi Maru simulation, but you can easily write Python and Bash code.Writing is also possible with one push G-code for best 3d printer we haven’t tried it yet Clarity Ender 2 Pro.

Normally we interact with ChatGPT via a browser, but this how-to uses a special Python library that makes a humble connection. raspberry pi It connects you to powerful AI and gives you the tools to answer almost any question. This project is not exclusive to Raspberry Pi. Also available for Windows, macOS and Linux PCs. If you can run Python on top of that, this project might work too.

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