Huobi allegedly transfers 74M tokens to Justin Sun, HT up 7.7%


Tron founder Justin Sun has reportedly received 74 million HT tokens from Huobi’s official wallet.

On October 14th, Sun said: bloomberg news He “has tens of millions of Huobi tokens. He confirmed that he is one of the largest holders of HT tokens.

As an advisor to Huobi, Justin Sun said he will work to make the exchange more useful.

Huobi transfers 74 million tokens

Shortly after the Bloomberg report, WuBlockchain revealed that Huobi’s official wallet had transferred $74 million to a wallet linked to Tron’s founder.

On October 13, Justin Sun’s Poloniex exchange traded with two transferred Huobi wallets. 32 million When 42 million HT tokens to two new addresses.

WuBlockchain claimed that the transferred tokens could be related to the Huobi acquisition deal.

Justin Sun and Huobi deal

Justin Sun was recently appointed as an advisor to Huobi as part of a restructuring plan to transfer ownership to Huobi’s new owner, About Capital.

On October 10th, news surfaced that Justin Sun was the brains behind the deal.according to woo blockchain, As for Capital, it was “something like a bridge” for the Tron founders to complete the acquisition.

Justin Sun has since debunked rumors that his only role at the company is as an advisor.

Justin Sun is reading We had several meetings with Huobi employees to strategize the company’s next stage.

Since Justin Sun joined the cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi’s HT token has surged 86% in the past seven days. HT is currently trading at $7.7 and he is up 7.7% over the past 24 hours, according to CryptoSlate Data.

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