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Iceberg Thermal IceSleet G6 Stealth Review: Unique Design, Long Warranty

The IceSleet G6 Stealth from IceBerg Thermal is a unique air cooler that features a radiator that wraps around the included fan. Today’s high-end CPUs emit more heat than ever before, so does the Iceberg Thermal IceSleet G6 Stealth have what it takes to cool Intel’s i9-13900K and enter the best CPU cooler list?

We’ll have to do some testing to say for sure, but it does have some impressive specs and stats. backs it up with a 10-year long warranty. The big question is whether the cooler stands out against much cheaper options.

A quick test will tell. But first, here are the specs for the cooler straight from Iceberg Thermal.

cooler specs

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cooler Iceberg Thermal IceSleet G6 Stealth
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price $79.99 USD
Radiator dimensions 123×156×160mm
Radiator material aluminum
heat pipe 6×6mm
thermal compound Fuse Ice Plus
weight 1080 grams
Socket compatibility Intel: LGA 1700, 1200, 2066, 115X, 2001-0 & 2011-3 (square ILM)
AMD: AM5, AM4, AM3(+), AM2(+), FM2(+), FM1
base nickel plated copper
Maximum TDP (our test) ~227W
guarantee 10 years

Packing and inclusions

Iceberg Thermal’s IceSleet G6 Stealth is a unique package. The contents are two large and small cardboard boxes. The smaller box contains the unit’s accessories, and the larger box opens to reveal the CPU cooler.

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