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Id Software is Bundling Multiple Versions of Doom and Other Games Together on Steam

Doom and Quake developers, id Software, are bundling multiple versions of their games on Steam to make finding and buying them a little less confusing.

The developer blog post Instead of listing multiple copies of the same game on Steam, include each version under one main title.

For example, Doom II was previously available in four different forms: Doom II, Doom II (Enhanced), Master Level of Doom II, and Final Doom. However, following the change that took place on August 10th, all of these games will simply be included under Doom II’s Steam listing.

Ultimate Doom was rebranded as Doom (1993) and the same integration process was done for Doom 3, plus Quake II and Quake III Arena. Id Software has also updated the collection, with the Classic Bundle now containing Doom (1993) through Doom 64, and the Franchise Bundle now containing these plus his modern-day Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. I was.

“Over the decades, id Software’s library of work is vast and filled with amazing games,” the post said. “But this means that many of id’s products have been released or repeated in ways that make the digital storefront a little confusing.

“Instead of just writing out the differences between Final Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom, we’re merging Steam’s library of titles. If you’re an id Software expert who knows all the variations of games released on Steam, , pardon me, I’m simplifying the way the game is presented to make life easier for newcomers.”

Various versions delisted as a result of the merge will remain available to those who have already purchased them, but will no longer appear on the Steam storefront.

The latest Doom game, Doom Eternal, is arguably one of the best in the series, as IGN called it stellar in its 9/10 review. The original game, on the other hand, has been modded into many weird and quirky devices as it’s played on McDonald’s kiosks, Twitter, pregnancy tests, and even Doom itself.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He talks about witchers all day long.

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