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Innosilicon Showcases Passively-Cooled Fantasy 2 GPU at China Chip Excellence Awards

Inosilicon fantasy 2 graphics card Consumer GPU wins China Chip Excellence Technology Innovation Product Award at the 17th China Chip Excellence Awards Ceremony.

We have some great new images of graphics cards thanks to this industry event (H/T to Twitter user @Loschzwerg_3DC). Despite being scheduled to launch in August of last year, there is no word yet on whether this GPU will be available to consumers.

Certificate of victory, with subtitles (Image credit: Inosilicon)

In case you haven’t followed the news of the Innosilicon Fantasy 2 graphics card closely, it claims to be a consumer product on the PowerVR architecture, capable of “4K-level high-performance rendering” while consuming very little power. It has been.

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