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Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs May Embrace An L4 Cache

It’s no secret that Intel is preparing its 14th Gen Meteor Lake to rival the best CPUs.The chipmaker has already shared some feature sets for its upcoming Foveros packaged chips. Linux patch Meteor Lake is meant to feature an L4 cache, which is rarely used in processors.

The explanation from Linux patch “In MTL, GTs can no longer be assigned to LLCs, only CPUs. This calls for updating MOCS/PAT tables, in addition to adding support for ADM/L4 caches.”

The patch didn’t specify what “ADM” stood for. It could be a fancy marketing name for L4 cache. The code also did not expose the size of the ADM. Historically, Intel has used his 64MB or 128MB for Haswell’s eDRAM through Coffee Lake. At its Hot Chips 34 presentation, Intel shared the schematics for its Meteor Lake chips, which consist of four different tiles: CPU tiles, SoC tiles, IO extender tiles, and graphics tiles. The quartet sits on top of a large base tile that acts as an interposer.

meteor lake (Image credit: Intel)

Intel’s first implementation of eDRAM (embedded DRAM) was by Haswell and served as the L4 cache for CPUs and iGPUs. Chip makers continue this practice all the way to Coffee Lake. However, only a select few desktop and mobile chips took advantage of his eDRAM for a short period of time. Broadwell is the most famous architecture with eDRAM. From design he avoids L4 cache because chip makers usually have slow L4 cache.

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