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Intel Appoints New Head for Foundry Business

Intel on Tuesday appointed We welcomed veteran Stuart Pann as General Manager of Intel Foundry Services. Although Stuart Pann has never worked in the foundry industry, he has extensive experience in chain management, planning and strategic allocation of resources. Apparently Intel believes the IFS needs these skills if he wants to become one of the world’s leading contract manufacturers of chips by 2030.

Stuart Pann succeeds Randhir Thakur, who stepped down last November after helping establish Intel’s foundry business from 2021 to 2022. It was previously widely believed that Intel would appoint someone from Tower Semiconductor after signing an acquisition deal to head IFS, but the company seems to have decided to hire its own veteran for the role.IFS Now that .

After returning to the company in 2021, Pann served as Intel’s Chief Business Transformation Officer and General Manager of the company’s Enterprise Planning Group. He knows Intel’s structure and his IFS structure. In particular, Pann established his IDM 2.0 acceleration office.

CEO Pat Gelsinger said: Intel’s.

Prior to rejoining Intel, Pang served as Chief Supply Chain Officer and Chief Information Officer at HP. Prior to that, he served as Intel’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Business Management Group, where he oversaw pricing, revenue, and forecasting functions for Intel’s microprocessor and chipset businesses.

In fact, Stuart Pann worked for Intel for approximately 33 years from 1981 to 2014, holding various sales management positions before becoming director of pricing and operations for the Intel microprocessor business in 1999. (opens in new tab) Read profile. An important detail about the new IFS executive is that throughout his career, he has never worked with a foundry as a customer. He has never worked in chip production at Intel or worked for a contract chipmaker.

“Intel Foundry Services is a key pillar of our IDM 2.0 strategy, and it is exciting to see it grow from an idea into a business with a world-class IP portfolio and significant customers in less than two years,” said Pann. I’m here. “To defend the interests of our foundry customers and leverage Intel’s leading process technology and his full stack of open systems foundry products to help them succeed in a world that demands more computing. I promise you.”

Stuart Pann’s appointment comes as a bit of a surprise, but it’s good that Intel’s IFS finally has a leader. At a minimum, the business unit will achieve its strategic goals and formulate a strategy to become the world’s second largest foundry by the end of the 20’s. And if it can manage that, it can overtake TSMC and start thinking about how to regain its former lead in process technology.

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