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Intel Arc A380 Graphics Card Listing Shows Up On Newegg

Newegg officially unveils its first showcase List of Arc A380 GPUs (opens in new tab), the first US listing we saw. The GPU will launch on his August 22nd for $139.99. This represents the first A380 listing we’ve seen outside of China, where the GPU was first launched, giving more people a chance to try out Intel’s new discrete GPU. While it may be worth it for those in the department, we don’t consider it one of the best graphics cards out there.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean there’s still a formal launch window for Intel’s remaining Arc models. Only the Arc A380 already launched in China is shown. All Intel has done is move A380 shipments out of China.

On the bright side, Intel’s confidence seems to be running high with the Arc Alchemist GPU architecture, or at least the A380 variant. We are working to get a card for review and will post our findings as soon as possible with the latest available drivers. Intel won’t release the A380 in the US if it’s still there. Alternatively, the A380 may be so badly canceled that it doesn’t perform well enough to justify further delays. Choose what you like.

The card in question is an ASRock Challenger, one of the few A380 models we’ve seen outside of Gunnir Photon. In contrast to the Gunnir’s dual fan design, the ASRock Challenger features a compact single fan cooler design with a matte black finish. Challenger comes with 3 DisplayPort 2.0 ports and 1 HDMI 2.0b port.

At a price of $139.99, the A380 Challenger is actually competitive in the budget GPU landscape, just slightly below the RX 6400. According to a third-party review of the A380 ( gamers nexus), the A380 rivals and often beats the RX 6400 in some titles. As such, GPUs can offer good value for money in the right circumstances.

But the situation is now all with Intel’s Arc GPUs. Driver bugs surrounding GPUs cause performance issues and incompatibilities. Intel’s driver development staff is working diligently to fix the issue. The Arc A380 can deliver RX 6500 XT level performance in some games, but in others (especially older titles running on DX11) he will be destroyed by the RX 6400.

Buyers should be fully aware of Arc’s current pitfalls before purchasing. At the current $139 price point the A380 looks pretty competitive in his GPU space but budget cards are usually not very good value to begin with e.g. $179 for the GTX 1630 (opens in new tab)much better The GTX 1650 Super is priced at $199 (opens in new tab)but it pales in comparison to the order RTX 2060 for just $229 (opens in new tab)In other words, be careful what you buy. Otherwise, you might get exactly what you paid for: a cheap, underperforming GPU.

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