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Intel Axes Data Center GPU Max 1350, Preps Max 1450 For ‘Different Markets’

Intel has effectively rebuilt its Data Center GPU Max series of computing GPUs.chip maker confirmed tom’s hardware The decision to remove the Data Center Max GPU 1350 from the product stack. However, later this year, we plan to introduce a freshly baked Data Center Max GPU 1450 with reduced I/O bandwidth to serve a “variety of markets.” The move follows Intel’s decision to cancel his Rialto Bridge GPU following a restructuring of his AXG graphics division.

The initial Ponte Vecchio GPU lineup consisted of the Data Center Max GPU 1550, Data Center Max GPU 1350, and Data Center Max GPU 1100. Intel has already launched the 1550 model in the first quarter of this year. The impending Q2 launch of the 1100 model is unaffected by the recent addition of the Data Center Max GPU 1450 to the product stack. However, Intel hasn’t provided a specific launch date for the Data Center Max GPU 1450 yet, but we do know it will launch this year.

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