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Intel CEO Says Arc Gaming GPUs Will Hit Retail, Somewhere

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has denied rumors that Intel is ending GPU development.of TweetGelsinger wrote that he received his own personal A770 from Intel graphics head Raja Koduri, who said the company is “currently acquiring it. [the] First batch of A770 cards for retail[.]”

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Once the A770 hits the market, it will be an important step for Intel. The company ships mobile Arc GPUs in laptops, but only in some models. The Arc 380 shipped first in China, but was plagued with driver issues and received poor reviews.

This has sparked rumors that Intel will be ditching GPUs against the backdrop of news that the company may end more operations in 2023.

What is not clear is Where A770 is shipped. The A380 is only in China, and whether it will be followed by the A770, the first card Intel ships with gamers in mind, or whether Intel will bring his Alchemist GPUs to the US, Europe, and other international markets.or should do it It is planned, but teeth is that still the plan?

Intel doesn’t have the best timing here either. When Intel announced they were serious about GPUs, it seemed as if we were in the midst of a massive component shortage and needed a third competitor in the space. To get his one of the best graphics cards, you had to either keep your online store updated or wait outside of a brick and mortar retailer to avoid paying scalpers.

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