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Intel Dumps Server Building Business, Sells it to MiTAC

Intel has confirmed its plans to exit another non-core business, servers. The chipmaker is exiting its server-building business and plans to sell it to his MiTAC, a major Taiwanese electronics maker and Tyan’s parent company.

Dell, HP, and Inspur are the juggernauts of the server market, and Intel is one of the little fish in the pond. Chip makers have multiple sides, one of which is building server products. Intel has cut a good chunk of its non-core business since his CEO Pat Gelsinger took over in 2021. More notable exits include Intel’s Optane business, SSD business, network switch business, and the company’s recent exit from his 5G modems. Intel has a strong server product portfolio, but the chipmaker’s strength is clearly in selling silicon.

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