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Intel Meteor Lake-S CPU Tool Surfaces for Desktop PC Chips

Rumors claim otherwise, but Intel’s 14th Generation Meteor Lake processors could make their debut in the desktop space after all. If the LGA1851 Meteor Lake-S interposer is anything to go by, it looks like Intel is testing a desktop version of Meteor Lake. Perhaps this tool serves other internal purposes and should not be expected.

Even before the LGA1700 socket came out, there was already talk of an LGA18xx socket. The LGA1700 is powered by 12th Gen Alder Lake processors and 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors. Therefore, the Raptor Lake successor could debut on a new socket, Meteor Lake or not. It’s no secret that Intel’s approach to sockets isn’t as clear cut as AMD’s. For example, AMD has promised that he will support the latest in his AM5 socket well into 2025 and beyond. Looking at previous Intel sockets such as the LGA1200 socket, it only supported two generations of processors.

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