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Intel Releases Launch Drivers For A770, A750 Arc GPUs

Intel released drivers today for that new arc alchemist (opens in new tab) Discrete graphics boards, including the slightly mid-range A770 and A750 (cards that are on par with Nvidia’s 3060). This driver also brings improvements for users running older Intel integrated GPUs on 11th and 12th generation processors. The driver supports both Windows 10 and 11 and provides fixes for games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Overwatch 2 and Deathloop.

(Image credit: Arkane/AMD)

The driver package also includes the latest version of Arc Control and XeSS AI Enhanced Upscaling with GPUs that support it. The download serves as a boot driver for Arc A770 and A750. (opens in new tab) A770 limited edition board, and owner (opens in new tab) You can also use the Arc RGB controller to control the LEDs on your graphics card.

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