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Intel Terminates 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs, 500-Series Mobile Chipsets

Tiger Lake may not be one of the best CPUs Intel has released. Nevertheless, 11th Gen chips with Iris Xe graphics replacing Ice Lake have been powering mobile devices and small form factor (SFF) systems since 2020. Currently, Intel has Raptor Lake out in the world, and Meteor Lake is coming soon. Chip makers are ready to ditch Tiger Lake chips entirely.

Built on Intel’s 10nm SuperFin process node, Tiger Lake was primarily targeted at laptops. The 10nm chips came out as successors to Intel’s Ice Lake processors but faced stiff competition from AMD’s Ryzen 4000 (codenamed Renoir) army. The company finally launched his 65W B-series, allowing customers to use his BGA solution to bring Tiger Lake to his SFF desktop systems. Intel started ditching some of its Tiger Lake lineup in April this year. The chipmaker has discontinued some Tiger Lake-H (45W) and Xeon W SKUs and discontinued the entire Tiger Lake B series.

Starting June 5, 2023, the remaining Tiger Lake SKUs, including Tiger Lake-H35, UP3 (formerly U-series), and UP4 (formerly Y-series) variants, have reached end-of-life (EOL) status. With nearly the entire Tiger Lake portfolio discontinued, it’s no surprise that Intel will also stop manufacturing his 500-series mobile his chipset. The company announced his EOL status for the HM570, WM590 and QM580 chipsets. Intel has given his customers the last orders for Tiger Lake and 500 series mobile chipsets by October 27th. The chipmaker plans to ship final processor and chipset orders by December 29, 2023 and June 28, 2024, respectively.

Intel has taken this opportunity to make it clear to our embedded customers that there are no changes. The embedded Tiger Lake UP3 processor and corresponding 500-series mobile chipset will continue to exist until further notice. Intel typically produces embedded processors longer than client processors. The reason is that the embedded market demands long-term production.

As a result, Intel has moved support for embedded Tiger Lake products and 500-series mobile chipsets such as the RM590E, HM570E, and QM580E to the Intel Embedded Architecture. Terms and pricing will be effective for all customers after June 28, 2024.

Intel is bringing new mobile chips to the market, but there are still plenty of laptops, NUC systems and motherboards with Tiger Lake. However, these are likely remnants of 10nm chips and it is questionable whether there will ever be new products based on chips that are now EOL.

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