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Intel Unleashes Alder Lake PS CPUs: Up To 14 Cores at 45W

Intel has announced Alder Lake mobile processors for IoT.These new processors were previously codenamed Alder Lake PS (opens in new tab), designed to deliver dramatic increases in single- and multi-threaded edge applications, as well as enhanced graphics and AI acceleration. It comes in four performance tiers with the top-of-the-line Alder Lake mobile chip with the HL suffix featuring up to 14C/20T, clock speeds up to 4.8 GHz, up to 96 Iris Xe EUs, and up to 45W TDP.

Right from the start, you’ll feel that the Alder Lake PS series brings more power to edge applications than ever before. Intel boasts that its new mobile chip will offer “up to 4x faster graphics and up to 6.6x faster AI inference performance” compared to 10th Gen Core desktop CPUs.

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New Intel 7 process technology chips bring hybrid processing to edge computing for use in retail, education, hospitality and healthcare. In addition, Intel’s Thread Director also works with the latest OSes such as Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC, Ubuntu, SuSe, Red Hat, WR Linux to take full advantage of the core combination of performance and efficiency to ensure proper is used for

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Intel’s new mobile IoT processors also feature powerful integrated GPUs. Certain SKUs pack up to 96 Iris Xe EUs. Devices with these Alder Lake PS chips can be expected to connect to up to four 4K60 displays or up to one 8K display. Additionally, the GPU supports AI acceleration with Intel DL Boost.

Additionally, Intel’s latest IoT processors/platforms support up to DDR5-4800, LP5-5200 (2R), and up to DDR4-3200 memory, up to 16 PCIe 4.0 lanes with CPU, and up to 12 PCIe 3.0 lanes with CPU . Supports both Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit and Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit on PCH and 4 Thunderbolt 4 lanes for faster data transfer and more connectivity.

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Since these are mobile processors, Intel supplies them to device makers in low-z-high BGA packages, making them ideal for space-constrained mobile and IoT devices. The top-of-the-line 65W max power consumption of the fastest new Alder Lake PS chips may seem pretty high, but Intel scaled up to 115W turbo power for his January laptop chip. did.

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