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Intel’s Xeon Emerald Rapids CPUs Could Wield Up To 64 Cores

hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS (opens in new tab) We’ve given you a sneak peek at what to expect from Intel’s next-generation Xeon Emerald Rapids processors.It’s funny because it’s sapphire rapids (opens in new tab) Although it has not landed yet, the specifications of its successor have already been rumored. Leakers claim the specs came from documents allegedly distributed to OEMs recently, but we recommend approaching the information with an open mind.

Like Sapphire Rapids, Emerald Rapids continues to rely on the Intel 7 (rebranded 10nm Enhanced SuperFin) process node. The upcoming data center chip will be on the Eagle Stream platform with the same LGA4677 (Socket E) socket as Sapphire Rapids. However, Intel has not confirmed which microarchitecture will power his Emerald Rapids. Sapphire Rapids comes with a Golden Cove core. So Emerald Rapids will likely use Raptor Cove cores.

The Sapphire Rapids looks like the best at 56 cores, but the Emerald Rapids can push up to 64 cores to match AMD’s EPYC processors. The problem is that Emerald Rapids is very competitive. AMD’s Genoa has up to 96 cores, Bergamo has (opens in new tab)will launch in 2023 and will have up to 128 cores. Intel still lags behind AMD in terms of core count.

(Image credit: YuuKi_AnS/Twitter)

Emerald Rapids’ TDP varies between 150W and 350W with excellent scalability. The processor supports 1S, 2S, 4S, 8S, and higher configurations via xNC support. Each Emerald Rapids processor provides 4 UPI 2.0 links in wider width (x24), providing transfer speeds up to 20 GT/s.

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