Istanbul Blockchain Week panelists hopeful on adoption of next-generation blockchain tech

With cryptocurrency adoption on the horizon and 20% of Turkey’s population already using cryptocurrencies, the panelists at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022 believe that despite the current general market sentiment, the next generation He expressed optimism regarding the adoption of blockchain technology and discussed the catalysts for the success of the Metaverse.

Elixxir CEO and cryptocurrency pioneer David Chaum said ongoing problems with centralized finance may be able to “stimulate adoption of this next-generation technology” without vulnerabilities. rice field.

Erhan Korhaliller and David Chaum
Erhan Korhaliller and David Chaum at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022

Chaum said that cryptographic techniques used to establish “very general properties” and “do very general computations” have become “reasonably efficient” and easy to use in modern times. I explained that

“fact [they] Being able to use it widely without being a cryptographer would have a big impact. ”

Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox, fueled the event’s bullish sentiment, evaluating Meta’s Metaverse deployment and key aspects of the Metaverse’s success.

“What Meta didn’t do right was announce the Metaverse too early. They made a very bold move to rebrand the company before the product was ready.”

Borget expressed the opinion that Meta focuses too much on technology rather than on related content and user experience (UX).

“The success of the Metaverse comes from content, people and technology.”

As COO of virtual worlds where players can build, own and monetize their own gaming experiences, Borget explains:

“We know our strengths and weaknesses. We’re not the best gaming platform in the world, but while we’re working on the product to improve our weaknesses, we’re able to mingle, mingle, and create easily in the sandbox. I know I can provide a fun place where I can.”

Borget spoke of opportunities for creators to get more creative and monetize their work. “It’s a realization that our mission is becoming more and more specific,” he concluded.

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