Jack Dorsey introduces AT Protocol for federated social applications


Block CEO and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced the launch of AT Protocol, a coalition network powering the next generation of social media applications.

The AT protocol (short for Authenticated Transfer Protocol) was built as a federated network to allow users to easily communicate with blockchain URLs that resemble email addresses.

Users are identified by domain names in the AT social protocol. However, domain names like (@alice) are used instead of long strings of encrypted URLs.

Users can easily move their on-chain identities between social networks built on the AT protocol without losing data.

To check the context in which algorithms dictate what users see, the AT protocol says it has open algorithms that allow users to easily control their social feeds.

The protocol is optimized for high scalability to handle large social applications.

Bluesky invited beta testers waiting list, We are gearing up for the full launch of our decentralized social app.

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