Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan Talk ‘Freaky Friday’ at 20

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan since magically swapping bodies as mother and daughter forever at odds in Disney’s Mark Waters remake of the 1976 comedy Freaky Friday 20 years have passed. Before they can regain their balance, the two become embroiled in wedding preparations and high school drama, forcing them to see the world through each other’s eyes. This version left an impression on a generation of millennials who grew up on a Lohan movie steady diet, pondering bleached hair streaks and chipped manicure.

Now, Curtis’ two children are happily married and Lohan is pregnant with her first child, but the actors are still in touch. In separate calls with Curtis in Los Angeles and Lohan in Dubai, they discussed the transformative experience of “Freaky Friday” and what it means to revisit their characters today. confirmed, with Elyse Hollander writing the script and Curtis and Lohan in talks to return.

These are edited excerpts from interviews.

Jamie, what was your most memorable experience reprising the role right after winning the Oscar for Everything Everywhere All at Once?

Jamie Lee Curtis I’ve been involved in genre films for a long time, but the only time in my life that someone mentioned the Oscars was in a New York Times review of “Freaky Friday.” For a girl who was in horror movies and body comedies, it was shocking. Many years later, a skinny gold man lives in my house.

Lindsay Lohan When you work with such great actors, it has a big impact on your performance. You’ll soon play better with each other.

Let’s go back to 2003. What did this movie mean to you at that point in your career?

Rohan At age 11, the “Parental Trap” [1998] It felt so big to me. I put all my effort into everything, including the accent, the green screen, and the two roles. It was easy after that. ‘Freaky Friday’ felt different because I was going through all the stages of being 16 [but playing a character who was a year younger]This was the Avril Lavigne and punk era and I wanted to experience it. I put white stripes in her hair.placed [the colorist] Tracy Cunningham just bled my lovely red hair, so damn hell.

Curtis I was on a book tour when my agent called me. An actress was involved in the film, but she chose not to appear. I was a replacement part. it was thursday. I read the script on Friday, flew home on Saturday, dyed my hair red on Sunday, and was at work on Monday, with a 15-year-old and a 5-year-old playing 15-year-old at home. If I had all the time to prepare all over the world, I don’t think it would have gone so well. I just needed to be in my body. I am also newly sober and have a community in the world of film work. That was a big deal for me.

When did you two first meet?

Curtis We met at the office, read aloud, and played games in a big way. I had to let go of all control mechanisms and just fly. Lindsey was as fluid as I was. Looking at her “Her Parent Trap,” she’s really impressive in her abilities as an actor. It was a big job. It was a big production. And our relationship was so easy.

Rohan Jamie showed up with such an infectious personality and set the tone for the entire day. She immediately took me under her wing. I was so nervous about my first kiss in front of the camera, so she talked to me in the trailer and made it interesting so that I didn’t get stressed out.

How did you get into the character after the switch?

Curtis On the first day, I took a scene where the car was parked at school.I’m a teenager and I’m completely dismayed by this twink [played by Chad Michael Murray] walking. Body freezes. Mark came to me the next day and he said, “The editor thinks the performance is a little big.” I looked at him and said, “I have to follow my instincts. is trying to do.” Years later, I was at the Aero Theater [in Santa Monica] The editor sitting in front of us said, “I was so wrong, by the way.”

Rohan One big thing was that my speech slowed down. I would say to Jamie, “Remember me if it’s too fast.” And she would say, “Should this be more slang?” We felt it every day.

What do you remember about working together?

Curtis My best memory is the scene where the two of us are eating french fries in the car. Now, if I suddenly get a text and I say, “Hey Jamie, it’s Lynns,” he’s like, “Prove it. What was the song we were trying to learn to rap during ‘Freaky Friday’?” ?” If she responds with Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You,” you know it’s Lindsay Lohan.

Rohan Since you told everyone, we can’t do that anymore. I remember we wanted fresh fries and she kept eating all the good stuff.

Curtis We were isolated together for three hours just sitting in the car with the music on.

Rohan If you play this song, I think you’ll understand immediately.

Jamie, you are a mother. Lindsey, you are about to be one of them. What did this movie teach you about parenting?

Rohan To have more patience. We want to let children explore and live the way they want to live, without boundaries. I’m not there I’m getting there. Come back to me in a year and ask how it feels. And 16 years later.

Curtis Withhold judgment, open your ears and listen more. Also, as parents, we are constantly sizing shoes, clothes, food, and more. It’s all future thinking. Lesson learned from ‘Freaky Friday’ was to stay on your feet

This movie has survived over the last 20 years. What do you think of the sequel?

Curtis When I went around the world with “Halloween Ends,” people wanted to know if there was a “Freaky Friday” again. Something really touched the chord. When I got back, I called my Disney friends and said, “I feel like a movie is going to be made.”

Rohan Both Jamie and I are open about it, so we’ll let it go. We only make things that people absolutely love.

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