Jimmy Kimmel Chides Fox News for Not Covering Its Lawsuit Settlement

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The Fox News and Dominion settlement continued to dominate Wednesday’s news cycle — everywhere except Fox News.

Jimmy Kimmel joked that the omission was indeed an “oversight” and was curious “how Fox News covers the story about itself” and found nothing about it on the homepage. could not

“Nothing about huge payouts for lying to your audience.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“It is not clear whether some of Fox’s liability will be covered by insurance, but this will have a significant impact on Fox’s bottom line. Of course, Fox has liability insurance to guarantee its ability to lie. I have to join.” — Stephen Colbert

“That said, I don’t know who will take the insurance. Maybe a scammer: [singing] “We are scammers. I assure you Fox is an idiot, an idiot, an idiot!” — Stephen Colbert

“Two hours after the settlement was announced, can’t he see what Fox News paid? If only this Fox News anchor had a source on Fox News!” — Stephen Colbert, referring to Fox News host Howie Kurtz saying he could not confirm the amount of the settlement

Michelle Obama wowed Midtown bookstore patrons with Jimmy Fallon’s help on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show.”

Indie rock trio boygenius will perform on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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