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Join the Monster Party in Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles is a cross-platform MMORPG experience based on the Summoners War series of tactical fantasy RPGs. Its huge, lush world offers a multitude of activities and quests for single-player and groups, a departure from the traditional turn-based battles of Summoners War.

Summoners War: Chronicles is the prequel to the iconic Summoners War: Sky Arena event. You adventure with one of his three summoners. The strong and brave Cliff, the small but talented Kina, and the powerful wizard Olvia. Together, explore vast biomes such as the Haunted Forest of Aya, the ancient lands of Rudelin, and the beautiful frozen Fulrenth.

Wherever you go, you’ll have the opportunity to capture, collect, and train over 350 different monsters. Some monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles are well-known, such as his divine Archangel and mischievous Joker. Other monsters meet you for the first time. You are responsible for helping them reach their full potential. Seemingly low-class monsters can become powerful members of a summoner’s team as long as they are well-trained. Combining and growing your monsters and gear is key to your success in Summoners War: Chronicles. Monsters are sensitive to elemental strengths, so you should also pay attention to the elemental composition of each biome you visit. Wind attribute monsters can damage water attribute monsters, but fire attribute monsters knock down wind attribute monsters. Light and dark fight each other. Summoners War: Chronicles gives and receives elements in the same way as Summoners War: Sky Arena. But monsters don’t fight alone. Summoners War: Chronicles lets you enhance and customize your Summoners as you progress through the story. In time, you should have the perfect team of strong and good friends.

Summoner War: Chronicles has a lot to see and do. Thankfully, you can experience the digital kingdom at your own pace. Single player can enjoy the story by completing main story quests along with some side quests. Brings rewards like monster pieces used for

Playing Summoners War: Chronicles with or against friends offers even more unique activities. Join a Guild to access rewards or easily team up with other Summoners you want to challenge together. Team up to face powerful raid bosses and unlock rare weapons and accessories for your summoner. You can also work together in high-level dungeons to earn rewards. Rupture events give you and your allies the chance to protect important targets and earn Skye’s Stones, Gold, and other valuable materials to power up your Summoner. But the Endgame dungeon is the testing ground for Summoners War: Chronicles.

After the main story, you can tackle the game’s most difficult dungeons and powerful bosses in groups of three. Victory brings great rewards if you can achieve it. New dungeons are released regularly, and a 10-player dungeon is currently in development. If you’re not in the mood to hang out with others, you can hang out through his options in competitive multiplayer such as Challenge He Arena and Brawl He Arena. His AI-controlled battles in the Challenge Arena let you try your monster’s luck against preset defensive teams. Meanwhile, fighting in Brawl Arenas, which will be added in later updates, will allow you to fight other players who will try to crush you.

Longtime Summoners War fans may be a little surprised at first by the new gameplay mechanics that drive Summoners War: Chronicles. In addition to traveling through a whole new world made up of large and diverse environments, your success also depends on summoner and monster synergy. As a team, you have to support each other during the trip. Otherwise, you risk failure. But no matter where you go or what you do in Summoners War: Chronicles, you’ll always have an awesome stable of monsters at your back.

Summoners war: Chronicles Available November 10th on Steam, App Store, Google Play, Google Play Games on PC, and HIVE, Com2uS’ own gaming platform.

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