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JPR: Unit Sales of Nvidia GPUs Down 26 Percent as PC Sales Collapse

Q2 2022 graphics processing unit (discrete and integrated) sales up 14.9% QoQ as consumer demand for PCs softens and component distributors and PC makers reduce purchases Decreased. As a result, shipments of standalone GPUs fell significantly below those of integrated GPUs. This is why Nvidia’s sales numbers in a row he fell 25.7%.

PC CPU shipments decreased 7% quarter-on-quarter and 33.7% year-over-year. John Peddy Research (opens in new tab)As a result, GPU shipments fell 14.9% quarter-on-quarter. Among the three GPU vendors, AMD’s GPU sales fell by 7.6% in a row, while Intel’s shipments fell by 9.8%, while Nvidia’s sales fell by a whopping 25.7%, according to JPR. shown in the data.

Desktop Discrete Graphics Cards (including Gaming Optimized Graphics Cards) Sales Decreased 22.6% Consecutively in Q2 to Approximately 10.37 Million Units Smallest number of standalone desktop GPUs sold. Because whoever wanted to get an AMD Radeon RX 6000 series or he Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series graphics board already did this.

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In terms of market share, Intel will continue to be the leading GPU supplier with 62% of the market in Q2 2022, with AMD in second place with 20% (up from 16% in Q2 2021). , Nvidia was third with 18% of the market. share (up from 15% a year ago).

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PC makers and distributors typically place fewer orders to chip companies in the second quarter. Still, this time I bought a lot less than usual, probably because my inventory was full and I had to sell what I had on hand first.

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