Judge approves alternate monitoring software on SBF parents’ phones

Judge Louis Kaplan approved another method Sam Bankman-Fried’s attorney employed to monitor his parents’ cell phones.

In March, the court ordered SBF’s defense to monitor his parents’ phones to make sure he was not violating the terms of his bail.

Alternative monitoring method

SBF’s attorneys said in court that the defense provided the government with a list of apps used by SBF’s parents and installed surveillance software on both phones.

The software tracks Internet browsing, messages, and apps on the phone to ensure SBF is not violating bail conditions.

However, the software cannot film the user every five minutes as provided in the court’s previous order.

To make up for this shortfall, the software includes a “keystroke logging feature” that tracks all activity on the phone and keeps a digital record that updates every few minutes. Additionally, this software tracks all voice and video calls made on the phone.

Technical consultants are tasked with reviewing logs three times a week and reporting any violations to the government.

SBF’s attorneys said these conditions were sufficient to ensure that violations were promptly discovered and reported, and asked the judge to change the bail conditions accordingly.

stricter bail conditions

Prosecutors say SBF violated his bail terms by using an encrypted messaging app to contact the former employee and using a virtual private network (VPN) to hide his internet activity. After discovering

Prosecutors subsequently asked the court to take action against this blatant disregard for the law, which the court granted in March.

court ordered SBF’s bail conditions are modified to include new conditions, including replacing his laptop with a new device that monitors his activities via surveillance software, and replacing his mobile phone with a non-smartphone version.

It also stipulated that parents’ phones be monitored to limit SBF’s internet use and potentially circumvent bail conditions.

The court has implemented the order with a deadline of April 4th. However, the defense requested an extension of the deadline as more time was required to meet all the conditions set.

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