Keplr wallet trends as Kujira claims $360K integration fee prohibits development


Cosmos DeFi project Kujira took to Twitter on Sunday to bemoan the $360,000 annual fee to natively integrate into the popular Keplr wallet. “For that price, you can create multiple wallets per year,” Kujira said. The term “Keplr” was trending on Crypto Twitter as of Monday morning.

This response came as part of a discussion on Twitter by one of our supporters. Asked“Why no Keplr integrators?”

The Kujira team said a dedicated Kurija wallet would be required to deliver the proposed feature set.

according to Governance proposal When integrating Juno into Keplr, the price is $360,000 for a 12-month integration. The vote passed him in January with an 85% approval rating. The Juno community pool paid a price for “development, operations, and infrastructure of the Keplr wallet native integration.”

A debate ensued on Twitter about whether the fees should be more transparent and whether they should offer fair value.1 user “Do you know any developers or workers who are exempt from living expenses, rent, mortgages, medical bills, food bills?” meanwhile another “360k just to integrate into a wallet is crazy! Other wallets are free.”

There is no charge for unauthorized integrations, but dApps using this method will not be natively featured in the Keplr wallet. Essentially, “native integration” is part of Keplr’s monetization model, where projects pay for prominence. Support, endpoint infrastructure, and staking are not available for unauthorized integrations.

keplr integration

The integration section of the Keplr website above does not show pricing for native integration. The space reserved for pricing information on his Keplr website says “Get in Touch.”

This pricing model often means that costs depend on the complexity of the integration and are tailored to each customer. However, according to current information, the price is flat at $360,000 per year.

crypto slate I have contacted the Keplr partnership team but have yet to receive a response.

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