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League of Legends Worlds 2022: DRX Triumphs Over T1 3-2

In League of Legends worlds, underdog DRX won the International Championship in San Francisco this weekend. A beautiful opening ceremony at The Chase Center showed why League Worlds is called the Super Bowl of esports. The artist line-up of Lil Nas X, Edda Hayes, Louis Leibfried and Jackson Wang was a fantastic show of talent and production as the hype continues to build heading into Worlds 2022. If you missed Worlds’ incredible ending, don’t worry. We will respond quickly.

T1’s Faker’s ongoing storyline trying to secure a Worlds win at the end of 2016 and DRX’s Deft’s 10-year journey to reach Worlds is twofold. It set the stage for a tough battle between the teams. T1 took Game 1 very easily with little resistance as he was able to secure his 10,000 gold lead over DRX and eliminate all three inhibitors to end the game fairly quickly. rice field.

In Game 2, DRX came back despite a great teamfight with T1 leading the 2v3 teamfight as T1 took the lead. DRX was able to drag out the game and win the second game.Game 3 saw a similar match speed as DRX finally woke up and appeared to put the bounty on T1. T1 was able to steal Baron from his DRX for his second time leading to a Game 3 win.

In Game 4, DRX finally secured a Baron kill, which T1 was unable to steal, sending the Grand Finals to an exhilarating Game 5. DRX wiped out his four members of T1, but T1 returned to steal the Baron again. However, DRX secured the next Baron and Faker tried to take down the Nexus solo in that Baron fight, but he was punished and DRX took advantage of Baron’s buff to push into his T1’s base, We won Game 5 and secured Worlds. they.

Worlds 2022 was a great story with DRX rewarding the underdogs for giving the behemoths T1 a hard time in the finals with a 3-2 victory over an experienced team. The Chase Center was completely sold out in attendance, and his Twitch viewership on Riot Games’ official channel hit his 2.8 million viewers and YouTube viewership hit his 1.7 million viewership record. The has been updated. Riot broke the previous record of 4 million viewers last year with a new record of 5.1 million. esports chart.

Congratulations to DRX for a great league run in 2022. We look forward to his 2023 season with DRX and his T1. For more League of Legends news, visit IGN.

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