Lewis Capaldi Will Break Your Heart. (But Don’t Take Him Too Seriously.)

While all this was going on, on the internet and in the media, he was a relentless clown, hilariously self-deprecating on Instagram and later on TikTok. [expletive] Capaldi spoke of his musical success there, but in the U.S. “There are people here who just know TikTok.

Capaldi had many small moments where his comedic personality was as loud as his songs. At the 2020 Grammy Awards, he Andy Kaufmanescu Showdown on the Red Carpet With the defenseless Ryan Seacrest.

“I was throwing a baseball at a brick wall and there was no recoil,” Capaldi said of the fascinating and unique interaction, adding that he was enjoying the fruits of the Grammys weekend party. Oh, this is so weird, but in my head, I think it’s more interesting.”

All the while his health was precarious. Last year, he announced that he had been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. For Capaldi, it manifests as a randomly occurring physical tic that can be exacerbated by stress. But when he relaxes, the tics subside. When a fan approached him to chat outside his Ear Inn, they nearly disappeared.

“This sounds terrible, but it’s become part of our marketing strategy,” he said. “All the content and stuff next to my name is immediately followed by Tourettes. Billie Eilish has Tourettes Syndrome and she doesn’t bang about it like I do.”

he continued. It feels weird. ’” He then laughed, adding, “Whatever sells records!”

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