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Lightweight Windows 11 Runs Entirely in GPU’s VRAM

If running Windows 11 with just 200MB of memory sounds impressive, why not run the operating system from your graphics card’s VRAM? please don’t They have VRAM that can be turned into a RAM drive. NTDev (opens in new tab)A stripped-down version of Windows 11, the developers behind Tiny11 made it to run on modest GeForce RTX 3050 laptop GPUs.

RAM drives, also known as RAM disks, were used in the days before high-speed, high-capacity storage devices existed. Converting the remaining memory to virtual disks can significantly improve I/O performance. Logically, instead of storing the operating system on a RAM drive, we used virtual disks for certain software that required intensive read and write operations. RAM drives have lost their appeal over the years and are now used for fun, such as running. Crisis 3 From 24 GB of VRAM on the GeForce RTX 3090.

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