Liquidations reach $96M in half a day as Bitcoin breaks $21K


Taken positions worth a total of $96 million in Bitcoin liquidated In the last 12 hours, 77% of them were short positions.

Bitcoin’s surge began at 3am UTC on September 9th and has recorded a 10.5% increase since then. The price hit $20,000 in 3 hours and $21,000 in about 15 hours.

BTCUSD (via Tradingview)

The rally started at around $19,335 and climbed to $21,374. Bitcoin is trading at $21,220 at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, the liquidation amount continued to increase.according to coin glassa total of $96 million in Bitcoin positions were liquidated in the last 12 hours. crypto slate Analysts said 77% of the $96 million was due to short positions.

About $38 million was liquidated in the last four hours, accounting for 40% of the total $96 million. That number continues to grow rapidly as the Bitcoin explosion continues.

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