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Live11, Windows 11 Live Disk That Runs in RAM, Available for Download

Some remember the days when all operating systems booted from floppy disks. However, for decades, almost every computer stores his OS on internal drives such as hard drives or his SSD. But what if you just want to try Windows 11 on your computer without actually installing it? Enter Live11, which has just been made available for download, and you’ll be running Windows 11 Pro without writing a single file to disk.

Live11 is a new lightweight Windows 11 live disc from NTDEV, the developers behind Tiny11.rear image download (opens in new tab) You can burn NTDEV’s Internet Archive submissions to a USB flash drive, microSD card, or DVD-R if you still have an optical drive. In fact, NTDEV intentionally reduced the disc image to 4.4GB, which fits in his 4.7GB capacity on DVD.

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