Long awaited Hodlonaut vs Craig Wright trial starts


Magnus Granath, Twitter influencer with handle Hodro Notehas been in a legal battle with Australian computer scientist Craig Steven Wright (CSW) since 2019, but the long-awaited trial is finally here. started September 12th in Oslo, Norway.

CSW has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin. Many, including hodlonaut, profess that CSW is lying. However, CSW said Granato’s dismissal of his claim to be Satoshi was particularly damaging to his reputation.

The purpose of the trial, which began on September 12, is to assess the extent of the damage Hodronaut has done to CSW’s reputation.


CSW has asked hodlonaut to delete a tweet calling him a fraud for claiming Nakamoto’s identity and issue a public statement admitting that CSW is in fact Nakamoto himself. hodlonaut removed Tweed but did not publish his comments to the public.

After the trial date was clearly set, hodlonaut launched a website called “” and announced it on his Twitter account, asking his followers to help him prove CSW wasn’t Nakamoto. I was.

The first day of trial was reserved for Hodronaut’s lawyers. They started the day by explaining briefly what Bitcoin is. They then presented evidence proving that CSW was lying. This included various tweets from others who called CSW a scam, as well as his CSW tweets that contradicted Nakamoto’s mentality and the ideology behind Bitcoin.

The trial will continue tomorrow with a statement from CSW’s attorneys. The judge said he doesn’t care if CSW is Nakamoto, but he needs some understanding of Nakamoto’s identity to assess the level of damage.

inside story

The dispute between CSW and hodlonaut dates back to 2019. At that time, CSW has been legally attacking various individuals calling him a liar for claiming Nakamoto’s identity.

One of these people was hodlonaut himself. CSW filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he had damaged his reputation for rejecting his claim that the hodlonaut was the British Nakamoto. Hodlonaut announced the verdict by stating on his Twitter account:

“The English High Court has today ruled in a defamation action brought against me by CSW. The judge has ruled that the UK has no jurisdiction and the action against me there will be dismissed.”

Is CSW Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto, who published the Bitcoin white paper in 2008, Active Until 2010, he was online, discussing the future of Bitcoin in online forums and mining to keep the network running.

Nakamoto suddenly went underground in 2010, leaving the community to ponder his true identity.

Craig Wright was one of the names the community thought could be Nakamoto. Link This included his intention to publish a “paper on cryptocurrencies” in August 2008, a later-deleted 2009 blog post (coming from his account announcing the upcoming Bitcoin beta), and A screenshot of the email showing the CSW is included.send an email to his three colleagues from [emailย protected] Nakamoto’s favorite address.

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