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Magic, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh Seller TCGplayer Faces Several Union Busting Complaints

Fans of Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood, and other trading card games may be familiar with the eBay-owned TCGplayer. TCGplayer is he one of the largest US card buying and selling platforms.

What they may not be so familiar with is the recent unionization efforts of Syracuse Certification Center employees, with TCGplayer stepping up its scrutiny, including organizing workers and holding anti-union rallies. Here are some complaints accusing us of

TCgunion formally voted to join the union on March 10, but further concerns were raised after employees involved in union organizing were fired just days later. TCgunion said on his Twitter:

TCGplayer itself has made it clear that it is not happy that its certification center employees voted in favor of forming a union, with 136 votes in favor and 87 votes against.

A company spokesperson told IGN, “We are disappointed that a member of the Syracuse Authentication Center team has decided to end their direct relationship with TCGplayer.” It’s about building a positive work culture that supports our members and benefits the TCGplayer community.”

However, TCGunion may disagree that a positive work culture is being built. A union co-founded with Communications Workers of America (CWA) has so far filed four unfair labor lawsuits against him against TCGplayer with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). union vote.

“Workers should not lose their jobs as a result of their commitment to join unions and make their workplaces better.”

“Organizing in the workplace is a protected right. Workers should not lose their jobs as a result of their commitment to join a union and make the workplace better,” said Sara Steffens, CWA Secretary and Treasurer. he told IGN.

“Not only are eBay and TCGplayer violating labor laws, the company is undermining workers’ union representation, fair wages, dignity at work, and the ability to provide for their families. , we need to concentrate on negotiations, please sign the contract in good faith.”

The first complaint to NLRB arrived on January 27, two days after TCGplayer’s employees announced their intention to unionize. The CWA said, “Several of his TCGplayer supervisors and managers, including the CEO’s girlfriend Chedy Hampson, patrol the certification center floors, alerting employees wearing clothing or badges that indicate they are TCGunion supporters. I paid for it.”

Another complaint was filed a week later on February 6, claiming that TCGplayer was “holding anti-union prisoner-of-war rallies to counter the ongoing union movement.” His third complaint, dated March 3, claimed that he “disturbed, restrained and coerced employees engaged in protected and coordinated union activities.”

When the fourth complaint arrived on March 13th, TCGunion said: twitter St. Lucie’s dismissal only further emphasized the importance of the union. “This decision by management highlights the need to negotiate a termination clause for cause in the contract.”

The idea was backed by CWA Local 1123 Vice President Nikki Penner. He told his IGN: This industry to follow.

“I have been around TCGplayer workers since the early stages of organizing and have seen them commit to each other and improve standards in the warehouse and card selling industry by forming a union. ‘, they added.

It remains to be seen whether the charges against TCGplayer will extend to customer storefronts. Magic: The Gathering YouTuber Pleasant Kenobi He told IGN that accusations of union busting aren’t good for TCGplayer, but that the community won’t boycott the company as a result.

He said customer reviews of the company deteriorated when it was acquired by eBay last October. “As Magic itself grew as a game and big boxes appeared more and more in stores and on Amazon, concerns were loudly voiced that the card game space would be monopolized. [and so on]Pleasant Kenobi said, “Anti-union sentiment does nothing to allay fears that the company is becoming a satirically evil big bad corporation.”

He continued: Consumers actively rejected the exploitative and exorbitantly expensive offerings from the recent Wizards of the Coast, but players complained a lot but took little action.

“Mainly due to community outcry and reaction, coupled with Hasbro’s recent change of course with Dungeons and Dragons, I believe the dedicated tabletop gaming community will take action to stand in solidarity with TCGplayer’s workers. We believe that as consumers, we are smarter.”

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer and UK news editor. He talks about witchers all day long.

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