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Maker’s Raspberry Pi Apple Hack is an Instant Classic

These days of 4K monitors (opens in new tab) and SSDs (opens in new tab) Peering into your desktop through a 9-inch mono screen might feel a little… old-fashioned, even if Steve Jobs encouraged it.Maker and all-around retro computer enthusiast Dave Luna (opens in new tab)taking the shell of the iconic Macintosh Classic II (a tiny beige all-in-one from 1991, also sold as the Performa 200) and replacing the inside with a Raspberry Pi, brings together today’s technology and the past.

known as paper mac (opens in new tab)the Luna achievement, described as “disgusting” by its creator, uses the Raspberry Pi 3. (opens in new tab) Waveshare’s 16-color grayscale e-ink screen replaces the original 512 x 342 pixel display. Rather than actually booting Apple’s System 7 on the Pi, it’s news in itself. emulator (opens in new tab)uses custom software to display a System-7-like environment (the cleverly named Psuedo7) that displays highlights from the owner’s Google Photo Stream.

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