Mango Markets hacker rugpulls Mango Inu after warning investors would “definitely lose all your money”


Avraham Eisenberg, aka Avraham Eisenberg, of Mango Markets boasted on Twitter about his latest project, Mango Inu. This is Eisenberg’s infamous meme coin based on his Mango Markets exploit. However, Eisenberg revealed on Twitter days after launching the project that anyone who invested in it would “definitely lose all their money.”

Eisenberg later added that he made $100,000 for 30 minutes of work on Mango Inu, but could have made more. Because of the way he removed liquidity from the liquidity pool, he lost money to the bots that were running him ahead. I estimate that I earned a dollar.

Eisenberg offered no comfort to those who invested their money in memecoins. Eisenberg made the same argument about abusing Mango Markets, which he saw as an advanced trading strategy.

According to Eisenberg, due to the lack of marketing and information about Mango Inu, rug pulling should be considered an “open market liquidity trade.”

a reddit A thread was created to discuss the boastful nature of Eisenberg’s tweet. The general sentiment within the Reddit community is that pulling the rug is “demeaning behavior” and that Eisenberg will likely get “a target on his back” by publicly claiming his achievements. was.

One Twitter user, Mihai, claimed that Eisenberg promoted Mango Inu through his Twitter account, with some tweets invalidating his claim that he “didn’t promote it at all.” did. Eisenberg denied any of his claims were fraudulent, countering that Mango Inu “is akin to selling empty and clearly labeled boxes.”

Mocking Mihai, Eisenberg responded by sharing a meme laughing at crypto investors losing money on meme coins.

Eisenberg appears to have performed multiple exploits over the past few years. In January, he posted Substack paper It’s titled “How Our Team Makes Millions of Cryptocurrencies Risk-Free”. This blog claims several NFT bot sniping campaigns and his AAVE loan exploit using the rebase token AMPL.

The post concluded by inviting others to share their ideas with the “alpha” of crypto or similar campaigns elsewhere, stating:

“We have the skills to execute and the capital to maximize. It doesn’t necessarily have to be crypto.”

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