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Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope Will Have Three DLCs, One Focused on Rayman

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, like its predecessor, gets post-launch content, including three DLC packs, including one focused on Rayman.

Creative Director Davide Soliani revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2022, after showing us new gameplay featuring one of the main game’s quests, players wanting more content after the launch of Sparks of Hope. received exactly that.

“This space journey doesn’t end with launch,” Soriani said. “We have so many wild ideas we want to explore next year.”

Little else has been said about the DLC, and Soriani admits it’s too early to reveal anything significant, but a third expansion will focus on Rayman as a playable character. I teased him for appearing.

In a mission featured in Ubisoft Forward, Mario and the gang board a train to battle an angry Wiggler, defeating a large beast using a series of different special attacks and abilities.

Sparks of Hope, a strategy mashup exclusive to Switch, was announced last year and aims to be the Mario Galaxy of the first game’s Super Mario World.

Soriani explains: [it] as a sequel. The team is back – Rabbids, Peach and Mario are back – but the Mushroom Kingdom wasn’t enough, so the entire Mario + Rabbids universe has been expanded on a cosmic level.

gave the original Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle a 7.7 review, stating “its absurdist charm works against the odds, and is probably a lot harder and meatier than you might think.”

Check out our recap for everything announced at today’s Ubisoft Forward event.

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