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Marvel and EA Sign Three-Game Deal, Starting With Iron Man

Marvel has struck deals with FIFA and Battlefield publisher EA to create at least three action-adventure video games based on Marvel Comics.

As reported by bloomberg, the deal kicks off with EA Motive’s previously announced Iron Man game, with all three games coming to consoles and PC. Details about what happens after Iron Man are still thin, but each game features its own original story set in the Marvel Universe.

EA, perhaps known for sports and traditional shooters, wants to increase its offerings in a deal with Marvel. Chief Operating Officer Laura Miele said: “There will be Marvel fans who don’t play other EA games.”

Whether the second and third games will focus on various Marvel characters such as the Hulk and Thor, or will they be follow-ups to the Iron Man games, much like Insomniac did with Spider-Man spin-off Miles. Unknown. Morales, and the next sequel.

We know that EA Motive’s Iron Man is a “single-player action-adventure game,” but there’s no mention of a release schedule or single-versus-multiplayer focus.

EA Motive is the developer behind the upcoming Dead Space remake, having previously worked on the likes of Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but has any other studio been involved with the remaining two Marvels? You need to make sure that project.

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