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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: 9 Brand New Details from the Gameplay Trailer

Insomniac has finally revealed the first gameplay of Spider-Man 2. The 12-minute trailer showed off some of the new gameplay changes that Spider-Man 2 will introduce, as well as some significant new plot details. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the important new details we learned from the latest Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Peter Parker gets a symbiote suit

Insomniac immediately confirmed that Peter Parker would get the symbiote suit. We’ll talk about his new powers later, but this turn of events raises some interesting questions, especially considering the ending of his game in the first Spider-Man.

After the credits of Marvel’s Spider-Man, it was revealed that Peter Parker’s best friend Harry Osborn was sick and fused with the Venom symbiote. Finally he is seen floating in a green tank covered in symbiotes, and his father Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin) promises to find a way to cure him.

Unsurprisingly, this suggests that the Venom that Peter Parker and Miles Morales face in the first trailer for Spider-Man 2 isn’t Eddie Brock, but Harry Osborn. And at some point, Peter could take the symbiote from Harry. This could be why Harry’s life is in danger in this trailer, and why Peter and Miles must rescue Kurt Connors/The Lizard to save a weakened Osborn.

With great power…

Peter’s symbiote suit meant he would gain some new powers, which was perfectly shown in the new trailer. While facing off against Kraven’s minions, Spider-Man can use his symbiote to increase range and slam enemies into walls. He can also use his symbiote to create multiple tentacles (spider legs?) that he can ram into his enemies.

At some point, those tentacles can also be used to protect Peter from attacks and parry enemy blows to send them flying backwards. And finally, he can use his new arm to grab multiple enemies at once and slam them into the ground, taking down groups of enemies at once.

Craven’s Hunt Begins

Kraven the Hunter’s backstory is revealed in the new Spider-Man 2 trailer, but it’s not all that different from his comic book origin story. A wealthy wildlife hunter, this version of Craven appears to be already hunting people for sport. However, his men, tired of their previous prey, suggest to Craven that he can go to Manhattan and hunt not only Spider-Man, but also the superhumans of New York City. Again, it’s not that different from how it’s portrayed in the comics, but sometimes they don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

Craven’s target

When it comes to New York City’s prey, it seems that Spider-Man isn’t the only thing Craven has in his sights. When the list of potential Manhattan targets is presented, Craven’s minions include Black his Cat, Prowler, Wraith, Tombstone, Taskmaster, Miles his Morales. Later in the trailer, Craven is shown hunting Kurt Connors the Lizard. Kraven isn’t just hunting Spider-Man, he seems to be hunting any supernatural being, whether he’s an ally or a foe of Peter Parker.

double trouble

Will Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 star Peter Parker like its predecessor, or will it resume the adventures of Miles Morales? The answer is both. Insomniac confirmed that players will be able to switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales during certain parts of the game, although there is no co-op element.

In the example given in the gameplay trailer, Peter Parker realizes he’s too far to help the Lizard escape Kraven’s minions, but Miles isn’t, and here the player switches to Miles. so you can head to the docks before Peter arrives. This also opens up some interesting story possibilities. More on this later.

new suit gives you wings

Speaking of teaming up with Miles Morales, it looks like he’ll get some new abilities in Spider-Man 2 as well. On top of that, it also comes with an upgraded suit with wings that allow him to glide over New York (Insomniac admitted that both Spider-Man have wingsuits), and he’s a Venomous Spider-Man. It seems to have acquired some new abilities with the explosion, and looks suspiciously like Goku’s Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.

Once inside the warehouse, Miles also shows off new stealth abilities, such as spinning a leash to sneak up on enemies.

new york, new york

New York City is a little bigger this time around as it adds Queens as one of the new boroughs you can explore in-game. Until now, only Manhattan was available, but Insomniac has teased several new areas for the sequel, including Brooklyn across the river. How big is this city?

what’s going on with harry?

Throughout the trailer, Peter says that only the Lizard can save Harry Osborn. As we know, Harry isn’t in very good shape, as he was last seen covered in the symbiote’s gunk. But while the symbiote appears to be with Peter Parker, what about Harry Osborn? This is supposedly the game’s central storyline that ties Venom, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales all together.

Any chance of a showdown?

At the end of the trailer, Miles and his best friend Ganke are clearly worried about Peter, who is acting increasingly aggressive thanks to his symbiote suit. Spider-Man 2 confirmed that you can play as both characters, so players may have to play as Miles to stop Peter from falling increasingly to the dark side. Can you imagine the awkward conversation that followed?

Here’s everything we’ve seen in the new Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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