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Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC Has a Mod That Turns You Into a Wallcrawling Stan Lee

Just four days after its release on PC, Marvel’s Spider-Man already has a mod that allows users to play as comics co-creator Stan Lee.

As reported by game spot, Nexus Mods user tiffsomniac I uploaded a mod for Stan Lee that allows the comics legend to do anything a spider can do. Turning Spider Clan’s suit into a tuxedo-clad Lee (and removing Bagman’s mask to reveal Lee as well) is just a skin, but the mod leads to some pretty hilarious moments.

YouTube videos You can see Lee crawling up walls, taking selfies on roofs, throwing webs all over the streets of New York, and doing all the other things a regular Spider-Man does, so the mod works. show off.

Several other mods brought additional protagonists to the game, including Mary Jane, Vulture, and Kingpin (which you can see in the video above).

The modding was just one of the inevitable consequences of Sony putting Spider-Man on PC, and an exhaustive search of the files has already revealed what appears to be a discarded multiplayer mode, PlayStation Plans for a PC game launcher have been revealed.

Other Sony games received similarly wacky mods after being brought to PC. For example, God of War’s main character, Kratos, played against Halo’s master his chief, and someone created the Simpsons hit-and-run mod.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He talks about witchers all day long.

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