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Matrox Launches Single-Slot Intel Arc GPUs

Intel is certainly giving way to the old-fashioned brand. First it was Sparkle, but now Matrox is jumping on the Intel’s Arc Alchemist bandwagon. The latter has unveiled a brand new Luma series of graphics cards, leveraging Intel’s Arc A310 and Arc A380, one of the best graphics cards on the market.

The Arc A3 series uses ACM-G11 silicon. The difference between the Arc A310 and the Arc A380 comes down to the former having two fewer Xe cores, 2GB less GDDR6 memory, and a limited 64-bit memory interface. As a result, both graphics cards hit the market without much publicity. For example, the Arc A380 was initially only available in China, but Intel then launched the Arc A310 in the quietest way a chip maker could. Matrox is one of the few if not the first vendor to release not just one but two Arc A310s.

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